The WOM Philosophy - and how mastering it can get you business and clients.

Coined by yours truly, I WOM every which way. I WOM in the shower, I WOM when I'm working - because WOM works regardless of what you're doing. So what the hell is WOM?

Word Of Mouth. Your best friend when it comes to personal branding and marketing.

Rapport and reputation play a big part in getting work, or selling what you've got to offer. People talk - and whether you're real good or real bad, your name might come up.

In a nutshell, care about doing a good job. Show that you care about their business, and where they want it to go. If you truly care about what you're creating, it'll be good - because you've put the love, research and effort into it.

Research your socks off - make sure you really know what audience you're creating for. Be kind. Be generous. Be unique - in your advice, your articles, your posts, your habits, everything. Have a little thing that makes people go "oh, that's so Flarb!" Mine is quirky comedy, but I've seen some freelancers who like to run raffles with their clients every month, or send them a gift to show their appreciation, or shock people with on-the-nose jokes and hooks. And guess what? I could name them all, off the top of my head. Because they've mastered WOM.

Do good work. Hustle hard. Keep at it, even when it feels like you're running on the spot.

Luck doesn't have anything to do with it - we make our own fate, and you can shape how others speak and think of you. So, when you deliver your product or service to your client, they may well be so wowed, they'll just have to discuss it with their business friends.

Then, a few days later, you'll see an email in your inbox:

It'll say something like 'Hi Blarb, hi Flarb - hope you're both well. Blarb, this is the Copywriter I was telling you about - they did an exceptional job with the copy for our Mittens-for-Cats website, so I thought I'd introduce you because I know you are looking at new copy for X, Y and Z.' Curb your excitement, you'll think to yourself, I've still got to pitch myself and every single talent or skill I possess, including my ability to drink water through my left nostril and make origami paper cranes.

Well, no need Flarb. Chances are, if your previous client has recommended you, this potential client has seen your work and is impressed enough to want to meet you.

So, play it like a date - act cool, calm and collected. Don't bulldoze through their inbox with a

"Hi! Nice to meet you! I'll write anything, what do you need???"

And remember that you're here because you're good enough. So go do some good work.

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