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Sales Letters
& Proposals

If you've got the next big idea - the next Apple iPhone, the next Facebook, the next Microsoft Windows - then you need a glistening proposal that leaves your prospect with stars in their eyes and money in your hands.

Sales letters & proposals

For the businesses looking to grow into empires, the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs kind of entrepreneurs and the ideas people that make the world spin on its axis.

Sales letters and proposals need to be polished, fully-fledged and fully researched, but most of all; they need to be so inspiringly gripping that your prospect can't help but fall to their knees at what you're offering.

For this, you need someone with an unparalleled grasp of the Psychology behind language.

So, we'll talk soon.

Pricing and fees

Sales Letters & Proposals: From £300

The ROI and possibilities that great sales letters and proposals can create mean that a lot of time, effort and research has to go into them.

Starting at £300, this gives me the time and resources I need to make magic.