Rosie Kear, copywriter & creative writer.

based in bristol, uk

A different kind of copy for a different kind of brand

As a Copywriter, Author and Poet, I meld creative techniques to create truly special copy.

Storytelling is what I do - and that's how I write copy. Every piece of copy is a potential story, just waiting to be told;

Every explanation is a story of how to create something, every About Us page is a story of how you came to be, every website is a story of your successes, failures, learned moments and journey, and every sales ad is a story of why you need this thing right now.

People love stories. They're timeless, ageless, genderless.
Stories work, and stories sell.



content marketing




brand style

humour & wit

Copywriting isn't just about writing.

Bring your brand to life.

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Nina Payne, SEO Lady

Dear Rosie,

Your marketing content is genuinely engaging, I was unhurried reading your copy and you captivated my attention perfectly with your flowing style. It's clear that you will generate a genuine interest in your branding messages. I would be happy to recommend you to my SEO clients who are in need of natural and exceptional website and advertising word architecture.

Please do feel free to pass on my contact details should a prospective client wish to have an informal chat about my experience working with you.

Rachel Nash.jpg

Rachel Nash, Smart Office Support

I want to say a big thank you to Rosie. She created a number of posts for me to use in LinkedIn and I was absolutely delighted with them.


I gave her a brief overview of what I wanted and she went away and created the posts. They were perfect. If you need help in organising your thoughts and getting some posts created, I would recommend that you speak to Rosie.

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